Wishbone Bike LogoWishbone Balance Bike 兒童平衡單車

Wishbone Bike - a TIME Magazine Design 100 product. Pure toddler joy - it's so easy to ride. With it's sustainable design and innovative 3-bikes-in-1 feature, 

Wishbone Bike from New Zealand is the ultimate pre-bike! 1 Wishbone Bike starts at age 1 with 3 wheels - lightweight and super stable. 2 Then it converts to a 2 wheel balance bike. 3 Later, the unique "wishbone" frame can be flipped, making Wishbone Bike one of the largest balance bikes on the market. Made from sustainably-harvested birch wood, non-toxic glues and finishes, and recycled packaging, Wishbone Bike is widely understood as the 'best-in-category' thanks to its functionality, design aesthetic and eco credentials. Suitable from 12 months to 5 years.