Welcome Bonus, 10,000 Loyalty Points upon creating a new Account - 建立新帳戶,即獲 10,000分 的迎新積分

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New to LOTUSmart.com ? Receive a Welcome Bonus of 10,000 Loyalty Points when you sign up a new account at LOTUSmart.com. Simply create a new account with any purchase, your loyalty points from the purchase, PLUS an additional Welcome Bonus of 10,000 points will be added to your accounts. When you accumulate a certain amount of Loyalty Points, you may redeem rewards (i.e., Cash Coupons, Discount Coupons, etc.). For details, click into the "Green Rewards" tab at the bottom right corner of your screen.

  ** Earn 10 Loyalty Points for every HK$ 1 you spend at LOTUSmart.com.

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您是第一次瀏灠樂濤網店嗎? 請建立一個新帳户,樂濤便會贈于 10,000 積分作為你的迎新禮物。您只須在建立一個帳户後,購買任何一件貨品,這10,000分的迎新積分及你購物所獲得之積分,便會一起加入你的帳戶。 當你積累了一定數量的積分時,你可以用積分來換取不同的獎賞 (例如: 現金券,折扣優惠券等)。詳情請登入屏幕右下角的 "Green Rewards 綠色獎賞"。

  ** 於樂濤購物每港幣 1元,你會收到 10分的購物積分。


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