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Webber Naturals Supervision Eye Formula with Lutein, 90 cap 護眼超視力配方 (90膠囊)

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Product Description

Webber Supervision Eye Formula with Lutein, 90 cap 護眼超視力配方 (90膠囊)



Webber Naturals 以花青素(Anthocyanidins)抗氧化劑為主的成分型式,來對眼睛的微細組織提供保護。同時,SuperVision是可天天服用的最優良配方,成分包括:小米草、越橘、蘆丁、胡蘿蔔汁粉、多層花青素、葉黃素和檞皮素。

  • 越橘 5:1 萃取精華粉(Bilberry Fruit Powdered Extract) 50毫克:別名山桑子,是健康明眸的同義字;研究證實越橘可加速視紫質 (Rhodopsin) 重生的能力,以促進視覺敏銳度,改善晝盲症或黑暗適應症,還可增加眼部血流循環並改善眼睛疲勞。
  • 葉黃素(Lutein) 20毫克 (含精華成份2毫克):葉黃素是抑制脂肪對過氧化作用的最有效成份之一,這種氧化發生於血中與眼睛,氧化後產生的自由基,正是破壞細胞引起一連串老化退化,甚至癌症疾病的元凶。
  • 多類花青素(Multi-anthocyanidins) 15毫克:花青素是強效的抗氧化劑(抗氧化能力約是維他命 E 的50倍), 可維持正常的細胞連結、血管的穩定、增進微細血管循環、提高微血管和靜脈的流動。另外它也有助於視紫質的再生,以維持良好的視力。
  • 胡蘿蔔素(Carrot Juice Powder) 25毫克:胡蘿蔔又稱為「平民的人參」紅蘿蔔素被人體吸收後能轉變成維生素A,可維護眼睛和皮膚健康。紅蘿蔔含有豐富的纖維素,對便秘極具療效。食用紅蘿蔔還能增強免疫力,防癌抗衰老。
  • 小米草4:1 萃取精華 (Eyebright Extract)100毫克:小米草自中古世紀以來就被作為保護眼睛的補品,對付眼睛緊張、發炎等眼疾相當有效。
  • 槲皮素(Quercetin)25毫克:近幾年之研究結果指出槲皮素具有多項有益人體健康之作用,包括預防心血管疾病,抗潰瘍:如胃潰瘍,抗過敏性作用,預防白內障,抗病毒:主要為流行性感冒病毒及抗發炎等項作用。
  • 蘆丁 (Rutin) 25毫克:有助維命 C 的吸收及提升免疫力之餘,並具有增強血管健康的功效,從而減低患血壓高的機會,避免動脈硬化。 

每日 1-3 顆 ;或依照醫療專業人士建議


  • 懷孕或哺乳婦女如需使用 ,請先諮詢專業醫師的意見。
  • 請放置於兒童無法拿取之處。



品牌介紹  : Webber Naturals®
Webber Naturals Pharmaceuticals 為加拿大10大保健產品廠,憑藉50年的經驗,生產多款可靠及有效的健康食品。其健康食品所選取之草藥,均由公司自己於加拿大擁有之農場種植,保証新鮮及無農藥污染,為了確保產品安全可靠,所有原料及製成品均經由品質控
制中心以及根據美國藥典(USP)的指示進行測試。食品製造中心的設施皆符合GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) 守則中的Health and Welfare Canada Health Protection Branch。而產品在製造過程中,亦會作出試驗,確保所有產品成份一致及符合標準。


Webber Supervision Eye Formula with Lutein, 90 cap

Product Description:

SuperVision Taking Charge With Lutein

The leading cause of blindness in adults over 40 is the degeneration of the macula of the eyes, called age-related macular degeneration or AMD. Those at the greatest risk of experiencing macular degeneration are smokers, Baby Boomers, women, and those with light-coloured irises (blue).

The macula forms the central area of the retina, the better known part of the eyes that receive focused images of light for pick-up and transmission to the brain by the optic nerve. Macular degeneration disables this retinal function, leaving only a margin of peripheral vision. Such blindness for all practical purposes ushers in a loss of independence, an end to normal or robust sighted living, and effectively prevents enjoyable reading or fine finger work.

A lifetime of exposure to solar light causes critical degeneration of the macula tissue, unless they are regularly supplied with the dietary pigment, lutein. The macula have been show to concentrate dietary lutein, and convert some of it into zeaxanthin as another related protective pigment. They belong to the carotinoids, the pigment class to which well known beta-carotene belongs. These pigments are able to absorb harmful blue light, modulating the exposure to solar damage. The evidence is clear that people who regularly consume green leafy vegetables as an important part of their weekly diet are at a significantly reduced risk for blindness due to the deterioration of the macula region of the retina.

Another debilitating eye problem is the formation of cataracts, caused by solar damage to the lens proteins. The lens is also able to accumulate lutein to prevent cataracts and it has been found that when there is a high level of lutein in the macula, there is also a reduced incidence of cataracts. A Harvard University study examined the prevalence of cataracts in 50,000 nurses who responded to a dietary inquiry. It found that women who consumed five servings per week of spinach had significantly lower risk for cataracts than women who consumed five servings per week of carrots, sweet potatoes, or winter squash. This study bears out the understanding that the green leafy vegetables are the best sources of> SuperVision is a dietary supplement of lutein and other plant extracts that are know to benefit the eyes. It is designed for people who do not consistently consume green leafy vegetables and who may be at risk of macula or lens solar damage.

SuperVision also provides Bilberry extract as well as a supply of Anthocyanidins, Rutin, and Quercetin. Collectively, these are bioflavonoid constituents that are associated with improved blood circulation to the retina, which enhances lutein delivery to the macula, and strengthening of the fine capillaries of the retina, as well as potent antioxidant protection of the retina. Use 1 to 3 capsules per day or as directed by a physician.

SuperVision constituents are not associated with adverse effects when taken internally. Do not use directly on the eyes. Unexpected allergy is always possible when using plant extracts.

Suggested Usage : 1-3 capsules  daily  or as directed by a health practitioner

Made in Canada

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