Webber Naturals Omega-3 Super Concentrated 80 Softgels 超級濃縮魚油 (80 粒軟膠囊)

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Webber Omega-3 Super Concentrate 80 Softgels 超級濃縮魚油 (80 粒軟膠囊)

超級濃縮魚油Omega-3,包含EPA 400 毫克,DHA 200 毫克, 能幫助心臟血管的的健康。


Webber Natural 所有魚油產品系列都是來自MEG-3™的魚油

營養學家和專業醫護人員皆認同Omega-3脂肪酸對人類整體健康的重要性, 並指出一般人在日常飲食中未能攝取足夠的Omega-3。服用MEG-3™飲食補充品,能為您全家提供純天然的Omega-3,優點包括: 營養豐富、純正、  方便、  安全、好味道。

MEG-3™的主要營養成份為人體「必需」的Omega-3 EPA與DHA。二者經科學證明與心血管和腦部健康有關,同時能促進正常生長與發育,有助: 減低罹患冠心病的機會,維持腦部健康運作,保持視力清晰,減少發炎,保持身體器官健康。

亞麻及植物油只能供給您人稱ALA (亞麻酸) 的Omega-3,而ALA對身體的益處遠不及EPA與DHA兩種Omega-3。您必須進食含高脂肪魚類,諸如鯖魚、沙丁魚及三文魚(鮭魚),或含有這些魚油的食品,又或服用MEG-3™品牌魚油補充品,以攝取足夠的EPA與DHA份量來維持身體健康。


每日 3 次 1次 1 顆 與餐同時服用 或依照醫療專業人士建議


品牌介紹  : Webber Naturals®
Webber Naturals Pharmaceuticals 為加拿大10大保健產品廠,憑藉50年的經驗,生產多款可靠及有效的健康食品。其健康食品所選取之草藥,均由公司自己於加拿大擁有之農場種植,保証新鮮及無農藥污染,為了確保產品安全可靠,所有原料及製成品均經由品質控制中心以及根據美國藥典(USP)的指示進行測試。食品製造中心的設施皆符合GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) 守則中的Health and Welfare Canada Health Protection Branch。而產品在製造過程中,亦會作出試驗,確保所有產品成份一致及符合標準。

Webber Omega-3 Super Concentrate 80 Softgels

Product Description: UPC code 625273033533

Food derived omega-3 fatty acids [from flaxseed oil or fish oil] are a family of fatty acids that are required in our diet for support of physical, emotional, and mental health in general. Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly associated with supporting heart health, which remains our number one public health issue. A life-style commitment to consuming omega-3 oils early in life lays an important foundation for reducing the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, it is never too late to ensure omega-3 nourishment in your health enhancement goals.

The omega-3 nutritional category has been associated with heart health because EPA provides some ability to lower cholesterol. More importantly, EPA provides an anti-inflammatory effect in the lining of the coronary arteries of the heart. Coronary inflammation is now considered as a central factor in the promotion of heart disease. A chronic pro-inflammatory state in the coronary arteries drives the formation of atherosclerosis [artery plugging build-up]. Furthermore, EPA has a beneficial blood thinning effect that lowers the risk of an inappropriate blood clot. When EPA is chronically lacking in the cardiovascular system, a pro-thrombotic state can emerge, significantly raising the risk for inappropriate blood clotting [thrombosis] in the coronary arteries producing a heart attack. A chronic lack of EPA also raises the risk of stroke and pulmonary embolism. All such inappropriate blood clots are life threatening, and at the least significantly compromise life-quality. The older we become the more important it is to ensure adequate omega-3 EPA intake and fish oil capsules present the most straightforward way of doing that.

DHA is important for risk reduction for depression. Depression is associated with getting older and this in part may relate to a relative lack of DHA being produced in the liver. Over time, a practical brain DHA deficit may emerge. DHA is also important in eye health being a principle constituent in the retinal and macular tissues.

Webber Naturals™ fish oil products contain only MEG-3™ Omega-3 Fish Oils. MEG-3™ products are absolutely guaranteed to meet label claims for strength, purity, and quality. In fact they have the reputation of setting the industry standard for quality. MEG-3™ fish oils are Canadian-manufactured from the largest private marine research laboratory in North America.

Suggested Usage

1 softgel 3 times daily with meal or as directed by a health practitioner.

Made in Canada