Webber Naturals MetaSlim CLA, 1000 mg, 80 Softgels 燒脂CLA果酸精華丸, 1000毫克, 80粒軟膠囊

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Webber Naturals MetaSlim CLA, 1000 mg, 80 Softgels 燒脂CLA果酸精華丸, 1000毫克, 80粒軟膠囊



針對油脂類食物之減肥產品。共軛亞麻油酸(Conjugated Linoleic Acid,CLA)是對付肥胖的新方法。共軛亞麻油酸是一種多元不飽和脂肪酸。共軛亞麻油酸的功能是降低身體儲藏脂肪的能力,並促使已儲存的脂肪轉化為能 量。共軛亞麻油酸的確能有效調節體脂肪的堆積及留滯。除此之外,共軛亞麻油酸有數個獨特的化學保護性質,可能可以保護人類免受癌症的侵害。共軛亞麻油酸是 目前已知的天然脂肪酸中,最能限制腫瘤形成的一種。

有些研究人員發現牛乳中含有共軛亞麻油酸,它是由動物胃中的細菌所製造,而且能夠對黑色 素瘤(melanoma,一種皮膚癌)、白血病,以及乳房、結腸、卵巢與前列腺等癌症產生防護的效果。共軛亞麻油酸的作用有點像是海綿,可以吸收細胞中會 導致癌症突變的氧化物。 


產 品作用:

  • 幫助增加瘦肉組織的含量
  • 幫助降低體脂肪
  • 提升健康的減重成效
  • 對於動脈硬化有正面影響 

注 意事項:

  • 兒童: 尚未有足夠的數據顯示此產品對兒童的影響,除非有專業醫師的指示,否則不建議使用。
  • 孕婦或哺乳婦女:尚未有足夠的數據顯示此產品對孕婦或哺乳婦女的影響,除非有 專業醫師的指示,否則不建議使用。
  • 長者:無特殊限制

根據Webber Naturals的研究報告顯示,CLA每日可幫助減少總脂肪約3.4到6.8克, 若是使用此產品達12週,則可看出較明顯的效果,最多可減少總脂肪達20%. 但因每人的體質不同,故效果可能也會有所差異,在此供您參考。

容量 : 90粒


Webber Naturals MetaSlim CLA, 1000 mg, 80 Softgels 燒脂CLA果酸精華丸, 1000毫克, 80粒軟膠囊

Product Description
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a naturally occurring fatty acid that has been shown in research and clinical studies to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. This is an essential fatty acid only obtained through our diet. CLA was primarily found in beef and dairy products. Cattle that were grazing on native grasses were found to have converted some linoleic acid into CLA.

Researchers believe we are getting much less CLA in our diets than in previous decades. One reason is that consumers are ¡§eating healthy¡¨ and have cut their consumption of beef and dairy products by nearly 50%. Another reason is that there have been changes in the cattle and dairy herd feeding practices (from natural grasses to feed and feedlots). This has resulted in a reduced amount of CLA from these sources.

However, an alternative source, to meat and dairy, of CLA has been found. Many vegetable oils contain linoleic acid. Scientists have been able to produce CLA using a proprietary process that converts the linoleic acid in natural safflower oil as well as sunflower oil, into conjugated linoleic acid, which is the same molecule as naturally occurring CLA. This is good news for vegetarians or those who have reduced their intake of meat and dairy, because there is a healthy alternative source of this essential fatty acid.

How does it work?
First identified in 1978 by researchers at the University of Wisconsin; CLA has been studied as to its affect on the balance between body fat and lean body mass. Studies have demonstrated the ability of CLA to inhibit the body¡¦s mechanism for storing fat; and cause the body to utilize fatty reserve for energy. The fat reducing mechanism of CLA involves rejuvenating cell membranes in the muscles and connective tissues to allow fats to freely enter to produce energy and growth.
Controlled studies on animals supplemented with CLA determined that it increased body protein (muscle tissue) while at the same time significantly decreasing body fat. Results of human studies in Norway on CLA show that it helps individuals reduce body fat and promote lean muscle mass. These studies revealed no serious side effects from taking CLA. Research continues to be done in studies to determine the benefits of CLA such as anticarcinogenic effects, improved asthma and allergy control, better blood sugar levels (diabetes), and limiting the extent of atherosclerosis which can lead to heart disease. 

Why Supplement?
Since we are not able to produce this essential fatty acid in our bodies we require an outside source. As previously mentioned reduced availability of natural CLA from animal sources has depleted this source of CLA. A large amount of dairy and meat would be required to supply the CLA needed to have any health benefits, which is undesirable to today¡¦s diet conscious individual. Two doses of a supplement containing 1000mg per dose of linoleic acid will provide a good source of CLA. It is recommended they be taken prior to meals in divided dosages.
The preceding information has been extracted from, Effects of conjugated linoleic acid in humans from Scandinavian Clinical Research AS, Kjeller, Norway, as well as Review of the Scientific and Clinical Data on the Health Benefits of CLA by Delbert R. Dorscheid, MD, Ph.D.

Ingredients : 

Each softgel contains
Conjugated Linoeic Acid (CLA)......................................................780 mg
From 1000 mg of Tonalin CLA blend from sunflower oil
Non-medicinal ingredient
Softgel capsules (gelatin, glycerin, purified water, caramel) 

Dosage (adults)
2 softgels 3 times daily or as directed by a physician. consult a physician beyond 6 months 

Consult a physician prior to use if your goal is to achieve weight loss or if you are obese or have cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors (eg. high blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or triglycerides) or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if you have CVD, diabetes, metabolic syndrome orinsulin resistance. 

For product freshness protect from heat and humidity

Size : 80 softgels 

Made in Canada