Uncle Bill Brazil Bee Propolis Concentrated Extract (Alcohol Free), 60ml - 標叔巴西蜂膠滴劑 (無酒精)

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Uncle Bill Brazil Bee Propolis Concentrated Extract (Alcohol Free), 60ml - 標叔巴西蜂膠滴劑 (無酒精) 

- All bee propolis ingredients from Brazil.
- 100% Concentrated Liquid Extract
- Alcohol Free

  • Effective immune booster combats bacteria and virus 
  • Helps improve respiratory tract infection 
  • Liquid form for fast absorption 
  • Super immune booster 
  • Helps to recover from infections in the throat, mouth, and respiratory tract 
  • Helps to regulate blood pressure and maintains healthy blood vessels 

Uncle Bill® Brazil Bee Propolis is pure in nature and of good quality. Propolis was collected from an un-polluted sparsely populated area. Bee propolis is not produced from bees; it is a type of resin made from a variety of plants harvested by bees. Bee propolis and beeswax are used to build the bee honeycomb thus allowing millions of bees to live healthily in a small honeycomb without any contagious diseases because of the anti-bacterial substance of bee propolis surrounding the entrance into the honeycomb. Bee propolis is effective against bacterial and viral infections; it promotes the function of white blood cells to destroy bacteria. Patients often take bee propolis before an operation to prevent infections. Bee propolis also increases the body’s immune system.

Usage : 
Adult takes 10 to 15 drops, during the day 2 times a day.  
The dosage for children is subjected to reduce to 5-10 drops each time.  It can be diluted in water, honey or juice. 

Uncle Bill 標叔巴西蜂膠滴劑 (無酒精)

• 含豐富黃酮和酚類活性物質,有效對抗由細菌,病毒,真菌,消除呼吸   道感染,• 胃部不適,過敏等症狀。
• 通過血腦屏障,清除自由基,抵抗氧化,延緩衰老。
• 促進細胞組織再生,維護內臟器官組織的健康。
• 中和體內的有害物質,維持血管正常滲透性,保護肝功能

標叔蜂膠滴劑采用巴西蜂膠,去除雜質,免除蜂膠的強烈氣味, 極易被機體吸收。服用蜂膠滴劑,幫助降低患高血壓、心臟病、脑血栓、動脈硬化的風險;保持血管系统及視網膜健康。

服用方法:保健用量每次10至15滴, 直接滴進口裏,每天兩次。也可以將蜂膠滴劑,滴進一茶匙水,果汁或蜜糖混合服用。使用前請先搖動均勻。使用前請先將綠蜂膠滴劑滴小量在手背,以確定您是否對蜂膠過敏。