SeaDNA Seal Oil Omega-3

SeaDNA - Seal Oil Omega-3 海豹油 奧米加-3

由加拿大製造,SeaDNA致力於提供高品質的海豹油產品。海豹油是一種均衡的奧米加3脂肪鏈,含有EPA、DHA和 DPA (二十二碳五烯酸),其比例與出生時人體中天然存在的相同,但會隨著衰老而逐漸流失。 不同的科學研究表明DPA對人體代謝功能、炎症反應、心血管健康、甘油三酯水平以及神經功能的維持具有重要意義。海豹是加拿大的一項豐富且可再生的資源。 SeaDNA推行完善的捕獵和加工流程,以保護這種獨特的資源,確保其可持續發展。樂濤LOTUSmart作為一家專營天然健康產品的網店,提供一系列的 SeaDNA 產品,給客戶網上選購。

Made in Canada, SeaDNA provides one the world's best quality seal oil products. Apart from EPA and DHA, Seal Oil contains the link in the Omega-3 chain that all other Omega-3 supplements now sold are missing: DPA (docosapentaenoic acid). This compound occurs naturally in two places: Seal Oil and a mother’s breast milk. DPA amplifies the positive impact that EPA and DHA can have on the body and provides other numerous benefits! Seal is an abundant and renewable Canadian resource. SeaDNA promotes good harvesting and processing practices in order to ensure sustainable development and protection of this unique resource. LOTUSmart specializes in Natural Health Products, and the featured products of SeaDNA are now available at our online store.