Salus - Haus Herbal Supplements, LOTUSmart Hong Kong

Salus - Haus Herbal Supplements - 草本健康補充品

Made in Germany, Salus-Haus manufactures some of the most well-known and trusted herbal products on earth, one of which is the award-winning Floradix liquid iron formula. Striving for the highest standards of product quality and environmental stewardship, Salus-Haus has committed to several strict guidelines, which meet and exceed all European pharmaceutical production standards. These include using only organic farming practices and excluding genetically modified ingredients, artificial colours and preservatives. Salus-Haus also tests all raw herbs for pesticides, heavy metals and other residues.

The Latin word Salus means health, well-being, flourishing. And this was the ideal of Dr. Otto Greither, the founder of SALUS Haus.

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