Salus Floradix Saludynam , Liquid Cal., Mag., Zinc Formula, 250ml - 鈣鎂鋅草本滋補液

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Salus Floradix Saludynam , Liquid Cal., Mag., Zinc Formula, 250ml - 鈣鎂鋅草本滋補液,250毫升 

Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D and Zinc blend for bone health. 
Both calcium and magnesium are critical for strong bones, however; the average person's intake of these minerals is unbalanced. The ratio of calcium consumption far outweighs that of magnesium consumption, which affects their subsequent absorption and utilisation and sets the stage for weak bones and over-calcification of the body.
New studies are showing us that the best way to maintain the health of our bones is not through increased calcium intake alone, but rather through the regular use of a balanced calcium magnesium supplement that effectively addresses the many complicated issues that prevent the adequate absorption and proper utilisation of calcium. One like Salus Calcium Magnesium (Saludynam®).
The liquid form of Salus Calcium Magnesium (Saludynam®) guarantees a high solubility of the minerals contained.

Liquid vs. Solid
The average person's body will only dissolve 20% of most solid supplements and will eliminate the remaining 80% possibly causing constipation, gas and bloating. A liquid solution does not need to be dissolved, so approximately 98% of the elemental amount will be available for absorption.

Rates of Absorption
Calcium in supplements occurs in a compound form. The component that calcium is bound to is called the compound or "form" of calcium and the calcium itself is called "elemental".
Dietary calcium is absorbed at an average rate of 10-30% and most calcium supplements are absorbed at rates anywhere between 4% and 45% depending on the forms of calcium used.
Salus Calcium Magnesium provides the highest rate of absorption possible with a combination of calcium lactate and gluconate, which boost absorption rates of 45% and 50% respectively.

What sets Salus Calcium Magnesium (Saludynam®) apart?
‧Higher Magnesium to Calcium Ratio: Facilitates bone strength and proper calcium utilisation to help prevent calcium deposits in soft tissue
‧Useable Calcium Dosage: Satisfies daily supplemental calcium needs and is safe for long-term supplementation
‧Highly Soluble Calcium Compounds: Bound to organic acids that can be readily absorbed regardless of age, nutrition or hormone status
‧Easy-to-Digest Liquid Solution: Allows for more contact with absorption sites & does not require dissolving, leaving approximately 98% of the elemental calcium available for absorption
‧Added Zinc and Vitamin D: Essential co-factors in the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth

Product Details:
Aqueous extract (50%) from:
Hibiscus flowers, camomile flowers, fennel, spinach, fructose syrup
Mixture of fruit concentrates (12%) from:
orange, water, mango, grape, carob extract, apple, lemon.
Magnesium gluconate, calcium gluconate, magnesium citrate, calcium lactate, thickener: locust seed flour, zinc citrate, natural flavours, vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 



Salus Calcium Magnesium可以通過乳酸鈣和葡萄糖酸鈣的組合提供最高的吸收率,分別提高了45%和50%的吸收率。
- 更高的鎂與鈣的比例:促進的骨強度和適當的運用鈣,以幫助防止軟組織中的鈣沉積
- 可用鈣劑量:滿足日常補鈣需求,可長期服用
- 高溶解性鈣化合物 : 不論年齡,營養或激素狀態如何,因有機酸結合都可以容易地吸收
- 易於消化的液體溶液:能與吸收部位有更多接觸,不需要溶解,留下約98%的元素鈣可用於吸收
- 添加鋅和維生素D:維持骨骼及牙齒的健康

水溶性提取物(50%) :
葡萄糖酸鎂,葡萄糖酸鈣,檸檬酸鎂,乳酸鈣,增稠劑:刺槐籽粉,檸檬酸鋅,天然香料,維生素D (作為膽鈣化甾醇)