Salus Floradix Kindervital for Children (Fruity Formula), 250ml - 兒童多種維他命 - 不含麵筋

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Salus Floradix Kindervital for Children (Fruity Formula), 250ml - 兒童多種維他命 - 不含麵筋, 250毫升 

Plant and whole food based multivitamin for kids. 
Children grow so fast in so many ways. Faced with the challenge of tight schedules, highly refined, nutrient-poor foods, erratic eating patterns and fussy appetites, many parents are choosing Kindervital for Children as the solution to their growing child's daily nutritional requirements. Kindervital for Children is a unique, balanced formula that consists of all the essential vitamins and minerals required for the growth of your children. It offers not only maximum absorption, but also a delicious, no-fuss taste.
Kindervital contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E as well as key minerals which are bound to organic compounds for superior absorption

• Calcium is especially important for your child's growing bones, and for developing strong teeth.
• Magnesium assists calcium in building bone strength and ensuring the body properly utilises calcium.
• Vitamin D increases the uptake of calcium, helping with bone growth.
• Vitamin A repairs tissue and strengthens vision.
• Vitamin C boosts the immune system.
• Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant, which is important to protect your child from the daily battle with pollution and toxins. Also helps build a healthy cardiovascular system.
• B Vitamins offer "brain food" to the rapidly developing brain of the inquisitive child, and promote proper nervous system function. Nutrient deficiencies can impair the nervous system. 
• Contains mild digestive herbs to improve absorption and stimulate appetite
• Thoughtfully prepared in a pure food base of delicious fruit juices, aqueous herbal and vegetable extracts, maple syrup, honey, rosehip and other nutritious extracts
• Free of alcohol, dairy, lactose, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives
• Tested to guarantee heavy metals and pesticides are well below accepted limits
• All vegetarian liquid formula
• Packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles
• Certified kosher
• Delicious fruit taste that children love
• The formula is iron-free, because iron competes directly with calcium for absorption

Made in Germany by Salus®

Salus兒童多種維他命 - 不含麵筋, 250毫升 

以食物與草本植物為主的液態多種 維他命、礦物質適合對食物過敏與有消化問題的孩童Kindervital以純天然草本、水果精密萃取,含有多種人體發育所需之維他命與礦物質,提供兒童豐富的營養補充。Kindervital含有維生素A,B,C,D和E以及與有機化合物結合的關鍵礦物質,以獲得良好的吸收。

-以食物與草本植物為主的液態多種維他命、礦物質, 幫助促進食慾與身體對食物的利用