Salus Fennel Juice , 200ml - 茴香蔬菜汁, 200毫升

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Salus Fennel Juice , 200ml - 茴香蔬菜汁, 200毫升

Digestive Support & Milk Production
The juice of fresh fennel works on the digestive tract like a sedative – particularly with flatulence, stomach pains and cramps.
Increased milk supply for nursing mothers and prevention of colic for babies

•Anemia: Since fennel is rich in iron and histidine, it serves as a good natural remedy for anemia. The production of hemoglobin is increased as a result of the consumption of food containing iron.
•Blood pressure: The high potassium content and diuretic properties in fennel helps reduce high blood pressure and thus decreasing the risk for heart attack and stroke.
•Breast milk, secretion: Lactating mothers can consume fennel juice regularly to increase the secretion of nutritious milk for their infants.
•Bone density: Nutrients in fennel have a beneficial effect on loss of bone mineral density and bone mineral content in post-menopausal bone loss and osteoporosis. It works by reducing osteoclast—cells that break down weakened bone—differentiation and function. This offers a protective effect on the bones.
•Colic: Colic happens because of an imbalanced intestinal flora. The essential oils found in fennel are useful for rebalancing the flora for remedy of renal colic.
•Constipation: The roughage in fennel seeds act as a stimulant in the clearance of bowels. By taking fennel juice regularly, it helps to rebalance the digestive tract, thus promotes regular bowel movement.
•Flatulence: Excessive flatulence happens due to the highly imbalanced intestinal flora in the digestive tract. Fennel has the capability to reduce the bad bacteria while increasing the good bacteria that help rebalance the digestive flora.
The oil of fennel contains a phytonutrient called anethole. This ingredient is known to reduce inflammation and help stimulate secretion of digestive juices.
By drinking the entire plant juice you are also receiving the valubale plant oils that are naturally found in the plant, otherwise lost in an extraction and dry form.

Product Details:
Pure organic fennel juice. Harvested, pressed and bottled within 2 hours with no additives. 

Take 20ml with water after meal for digestion.
Take 10-20ml with water prior to breast feeding.
Take 20ml with water for general health, with our without meal.  

Salus茴香蔬菜汁, 200毫升


•絞痛:腸絞痛是因爲腸道菌群不平衡。 在茴香中發現的精油可用於平衡菌群以補救腎絞痛。
•腹痛脹氣:胃腸脹氣過多是由於消化道腸道菌群高度不平衡。 茴香可減少不良細菌,同時增加有利於消化系統重新平衡的良好細菌。

茴香油含有植物營養素,稱為茴香腦。 已知這種成分能舒緩炎症,有助於刺激分泌消化液。

純有機茴香蔬菜汁。 由收穫,包裝至裝瓶共2小時,不含添加劑。

建議成人服用 Salus茴香草本果汁(2茶匙),一日兩次。