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成立於美國,是一間美國、歐洲及澳洲知名的品牌頭盔生產商,提供一系列設計獨特及保護性強的頭盔,適合於道路(單車,滾軸溜兵)、水上運動及滑雪使用。樂濤LOTUSmart 作為–家專營環保、有機和天然健康產品的網店,提供一系列的 Nutcase Helmets 產品,給客戶網上選購。

Nutcase Helmets was founded in Portland,Oregon USA. Nutcase has re-defined helmets for Street (bike, skate and road activities), Water, Snow and Toddlers with unique design and comfort that people love to wear. LOTUSmart specializes in eco-friendly, organic, and natural goods, and the featured products of Nutcase Helmets are now available at our online store.