NeoCell Super Collagen Type 1 & 3 Powder 7 oz (198 g) 超級水解膠原蛋白粉

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NeoCell Super Collagen Type 1 & 3 Powder 7 oz (198 g) 超級水解膠原蛋白粉 


膠原蛋白占人體內總蛋白質的33%,是皮膚、骨骼、軟骨、肌腱、韌帶、血管的重要 構成材料。
膠原蛋白的重量占皮膚真皮層(水分除外)的75%,而體積占18~30%。是形成真皮層膠狀的基質,不但具保濕功能,亦可提供皮膚彈性及張力, 維持皮膚緊實的外觀。皮膚、血管、心臟的自然修護工程都需要膠原蛋白的合成製造及基質重組。

超級水解膠原蛋白是以熱分解的方式將大分子的膠原進一步水解為更小分子的膠原,這種小分子水解膠原蛋白易溶于水,所能提供的末端胺基酸數量是大分子膠原的十倍 以上。膠原蛋白(Collagen)是一種高分子蛋白質,絲狀的膠原蛋白纖維,能使皮膚保持結實而有彈性。它存在於人體皮膚、骨骼、牙齒、肌腱等部位,主 要生理機能是做結締組織的粘合物質。在皮膚方面,它與彈力纖維合力構成網狀支撐體,提供真皮層安定有力的支撐。隨年齡增長,人體膠原蛋白含量會逐漸流失, 網狀支撐體亦會漸漸變厚變硬、失去彈性,當真皮層的彈性與保水度降低,皮膚便會失去彈性並變薄老化,同時可導致真皮的纖維斷裂、脂肪萎縮、汗腺及皮脂腺分 泌減少,使皮膚出現色斑、皺紋等一系列老化現象顯出老態。
研究表明,膠原蛋白之所以在美容護膚領域有著無可取代的地位,是因為其本身是一種由三股螺旋形纖維所構成的透明狀物質,這種比DNA分子的「雙螺旋」 結構更為神奇的「三螺旋」結構能夠強勁地鎖住水分子。另外,膠原蛋白中還含有大量的氨基酸,它們都是天然保濕因數成分,其中一種獨特的氨基酸——羥脯胺 酸,被證明是純品膠原蛋白確保皮膚新生的膠原合成的最佳途徑。

用攪拌器攪勻效果更好。 可與維生素一起服用。睡前空腹服用效果更高。服用20分鐘後再進食。為能很好的吸收,請勿與牛奶或其他蛋白類食物一起服用。

容量 : 198 克



NeoCell Super Collagen Type 1 & 3 Powder 7 oz (198 g)

Dietary Supplement

Nutrients You Can Trust®

  • Radiant Skin
  • Thicker Hair
  • Stronger Nails
  • Healthier Joints
  • Gluten Free

Collagen is a complex structural protein that maintains strength and flexibility throughout the body.  Super Collagen™ is made up of the collagen peptides Type 1 & 3 which support collagen in skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.  Super Collagen™ is enzymatically hydrolyzed, providing an amino acid ratio with a low molecular weight for maximum bioavailability and utilization by the body.  When Super Collagen™ is taken internally, the body receives the raw materials it needs to supplement the collagen found in all of these areas and may act as a messenger to trigger the synthesis of new collagen fibers.  Super Collagen™ is neutral in taste and specially formulated in an easy to take powdered form.  It works synergistically with Vitamin C and it is not recommended that it be mixed with orange juice because of its high Vitamin C content or taken along with a Vitamin C supplement.*

Amino acids listed below are for informational purposes.  They are the natural makeup of collagen, not added or combined.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, dissolve one scoop of Super Collagen™ Dietary Supplement with one spoon of water or orange juice.  Then add 6-8 ounces more liquid, and stir vigorously.  For better results, use a blender.  For optimum nutritional results, drink as suggested on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating.  Enjoy enhanced results when paired with NeoCell™ hyaluronic acid products.

Made in USA

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