Natural Factors GrapeSeedRich Super Strength Grape Seed Extract 50mg 60 Caps 葡萄籽萃取 50毫克 (60粒軟膠囊裝)

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Natural Factors GrapeSeedRich Super Strength Grape Seed Extract 50mg 60 Caps 葡萄籽萃取 50毫克 (60粒軟膠囊裝)


Natural Factors公司的葡萄籽100毫克膠囊中,萃取物中含有多於95%的超級抗氧化劑(無色花青素)。 能夠達到最大的抗氧化作用


葡萄籽萃取經過研究證明,在保護細胞結構方面有非常強的效果。任何可以抵擋像自由基這樣造今細胞病變的營養物,就可以事先防止許多疾病。  葡萄籽萃取物可以從重生視網膜色素(視網膜的紫色部分)來改善夜盲症,讓視力更能適應黑暗的環境。

葡萄籽萃取中含有多酚類、生化類黃酮等的營養份,可以以改善血管的生化構造來保護心血管的健康(靜脈、動脈、微血管)。 對於其他各種像是:脆性微血管、週邊下肢靜脈高壓、廣泛性糖尿病變…等不同的血管疾病。多酚類中還有二樣重要的營養素,分別為: 前花青素和無色花青素類。類黃酮素可以幫助強化血管壁的強度和彈性,加強唯他命C的效果和對抗自由基。   



葡萄籽濃縮100:1 ............100毫克

每日 2-4顆或依照醫療專業人士

建議容量 : 60粒軟膠囊裝


品牌介紹  : Natural Factors®
Natural Factors® 總部位於加拿大卑斯省 Coquitlam 市, 已成立 50 多年, 擁有自己的有機農場以做為研究和產品材料之用, 在北美地區擁有最佳實驗室設備以及最優秀的生技研發科學家,目前生產製造的產品已達400多種, 產品研究開發採用認證合格有機生成技術,並且完全符合Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), 而產品在製造過程中,亦會作出試驗,確保所有產品成份一致及符合標準。

Natural Factors GrapeSeedRich Super Strength Grape Seed Extract 50mg 60 Caps 

Natural Factors Grape Seed capsules contain standardized extract providing no less than 95% Proanthocyandins (leucoanthocyanins)(natural polyphenol flavonoids). The result is a leading edge antioxidant with optimal potency and purity

Product Description:  UPC Code 068958045412


GrapeSeedRich Super Strength Grape Seed Concentrate is a 100:1 concentrate guaranteed to contain a minimum of 95% polyphenols and 80% proanthocyanidins. Unlike some grape seed products, GrapeSeedRich (Vitis vinifera) is not made from oven- or sun-dried seeds. It is made exclusively from fresh, non-GMO grape seeds separated during juice production. This method produces a high ratio of the key polyphenols. The extraction process uses water and ultra filtration; not organic or alcohol solvents. The result is a 100:1 concentrate of pure, potent polyphenols.

Polyphenols in grape seed are leucoanthocyanins or proanthocyanidins. These flavonoids help to strengthen blood vessels, increasing the tone and elasticity of capillary walls, enhance the effect of vitamin C, and help to quench free radicals. That is why grape seed leucoanthocyanins or proanthocyanidins may be useful in a number of disorders. They improve the biochemical properties of blood vessels, and help different types of vascular disorders including capillary fragility, peripheral chronic venous insufficiency and microangiopathy of the retina.

GrapeSeedRich may help allergy sufferers because the leucoanthocyanins exert an inhibiting effect on histamine release, suppressing allergy symptoms.

Grape seed has been shown to be helpful against mild and severe artherosclerosis when rabbits were fed a cholesterol-rich diet. It also helped to protect the rabbit heart against ischemica/reperfusion injury.


  • Non-GMO grape seeds
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by strengthening capillaries and protecting vascular cells from oxidative stress
  • Neutralizes free radicals more effectively than vitamins C and E
  • Enhances the antioxidant effect of vitamins, potentially reducing genetic mutations that may cause degenerative diseases
  • Improves night vision and reduces eye strain
  • Improves mental acuity and decreases the risk of stroke due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to reduce free radical damage in the blood vessels of the brain
  • Prevents or eases allergies, asthma, emphysema, and sinusitis
  • Helps repair collagen for smooth, supple, wrinkle-free skin


Each Capsule Contains:
GrapeSeedRichTM Concentrate 100:1 (Vitis vinifera) (seed).............100 mg
(Guaranteed minimum 95% Polyphenols & 80% Proanthocyanadins)

1 capsule, 2 times daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. Keep out of the reach of children.

Additional Information
Children: Suitable for children at one-half the adult dosage.
Pregnancy and Nursing: Generally regarded as safe. However, as the effects of PCOs (procyanidolic oligomers, found in grape seed extract and pycnogenol) during pregnancy and lactation have not been sufficiently evaluated, it should not be used during these times unless directed by a health care practitioner.
Seniors: No special precautions are known.

Suggested Usage   
2-4 capsules daily or as directed by a health practitioner.

Size : 60 Capsules

Made in Canada