Natrol Biotin, 10,000mcg, Tablets 100 ea 生物素

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Natrol Biotin, 10,000mcg, Tablets 100 ea 生物素


Do you have dry brittle hair and nails? Clinical studies have shown that those deficient in biotin experience hair loss, brittle nails and unhealthy skin. Biotin plays a key-role in the body and is the important nutrient for the growth and maintenance of your hair, nails and glowing skin.

Biotin is a B vitamin, also known as vitamin H or Vitamin B7. Biotin is also essential for your metabolic processes including the metabolism of fats and amino acids, production of fatty acids, and cell growth. This vitamin processes nearly every type of food that you ingest, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats. When biotin levels are at the proper levels in your body, the food that you take in will be processed quickly.

Natrol® Biotin supplement supports the health of the skin, thick shiny hair and strong nails as well as of the nerves and digestive tract.†

• Promotes Healthy Hair and Strong Nails†
• Supports Cellular Energy Production†
• Easy-to-Swallow†
• 100% vegetarian†

Choose Natrol® Biotin for shiny, lustrous hair and strong, resilient nails while keeping your diet and shape on track!


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Package Size: 100 Tablets

Made in USA