NatriHealth Black Maca Powder, Gelatinized, Natural, 250g - 秘魯野生黑鑽瑪卡 (250克)

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NatriHealth Black Maca Powder, Gelatinized, Natural, 250g  - 秘魯野生黑鑽瑪卡 (250克) 

MACA, 一種生長在南美洲秘魯安地斯山區海拔四千米以上的高原上的植物。 MACA(瑪卡)一直被印加人看做是安地斯山神賜的禮物,有秘魯人參之稱。瑪卡是無副作用的超級天然食品,有效調節你的身體,使身體發揮最大潛能。
1. 改善身體機能,提高生活質量,大量的臨床試驗已經證明,黑瑪卡有效改善性功能。主要的活性物質瑪咖烯、瑪咖酰胺,有利於男性勃起功能,增加精子數量,提高精子活力,提高生育能力和性生活滿意度。
2. 抗疲勞,增加活力。瑪卡中的氨基酸,礦物質鋅等緩解工作壓力和疲勞。
1. 調節內分泌,對抗更年期綜合症。瑪卡多種生物鹼能調節腎上腺素,甲狀腺激素,平衡女性體內的荷爾蒙水平,改善氣血,情緒不佳、疲勞,性冷淡等狀態
2. 增強免疫功能,抗疲勞,抗壓力。瑪卡的高營養素包括鐵,蛋白質,氨基酸,礦物質鋅有效堅固免疫系統,對抗疲勞。


  1. 精選產量不到3%的秘魯最頂級黑瑪卡
  2. 100%純正原料
  3. 純天然無添加,無副作用
  4. 加拿大製造,經過加拿大健康局批准,100%安全




Energy-Instilling and Hormone-Balancing

Black Maca, being known as “Peruvian Ginseng”, has a long history as a food and a supplement. Cultivated for thousands of years in the high Peruvian Andes, it is touted as a “superfood”, for its energy enhancing and hormone balancing capabilities. NatriHealth Black Maca, is an all natural powder with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients, making this Incan food a nutritional powerhouse. Black Maca contains trace elements such as Plant Sterols and Glucosinolates, [compounds believed to have anti-cancer properties]. The Black Maca Root, are the rarest roots of all the Maca colors, and account for less than 20% of the annual harvest. Followed by Red Maca and Yellow which is the most common. This root vegetable actually belongs to the broccoli family. NatriHealth GelatinizedBlack Maca powder, has gone through an extrusion process called gelatinization. Using heat and pressure to separate the starches and remove the tough root fiber as well as the goitrogens [that can cause stomach and ingestion problems]. This process concentrates the active ingredients and creates a highly digestible top superfood powder. There is no downside to Maca as it is considered a safe, gentle and tolerated nutritious supplement by most people. It contains no caffeine or stimulants. They would never use raw and uncooked Maca in Peru as it would just be too difficult for your body to absorb. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the nuro-protective properties that are found in Black, Deep Purple and Blue Foods, have the affinity to nurse our life essence, which in turn nurses the Brain.

Health Benefits 

  • Can relieves menstrual issues
  • Improves sexual function for both men and women
  • Helps reduce depression, stress and anxiety
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improved hormone balance
  • Increased endurance, libido and fertility
  • Helps in delay of skin aging, tissue and organs

How to use 
It can be added as a powder supplement in smoothies, yogurt, salads, drinks, cooked foods and juices. The taste of black maca is a bit like roasted chickory and we use in a variety of your kitchen dishes to add nutritional value.