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樂濤環保海綿 Dr. CLEAN Eco-Sponge




  • 減少洗潔液: 利用環保海綿外層獨有的亞加力纖維將油漬溶解清除。 
  • 殺菌除污: 利用環保海綿內的天然陶瓷珠, 增強水的潔力, 釋放多種離子殺菌除污。 
  • 强韌過濾層: 堅强的過濾層將陶瓷珠包含於環保海綿內, 耐用。  
  • 韓國製造 - 品質保証

包裝方式: 每個環保海綿獨立包裝。包裝盒大小: 9cm x 3cm x 14cm


CLEAN Eco-Sponge :Save Detergent, Remove Oil, Remove Dirt, and Antibiotic

  User can wash the dishes and clean oily surfaces with water only - NO Detergent needed.

  • Save Detergent: Wash dishes without (with minimal) Detergent. Make use of the Acryl Fiber on the surface of the sponge to dissolve oil.
  • Antibiotic (Ceramic): Make of the Natural Ceramic balls to release various ions and sterilize bacteria.
  • High Elasticity Filter: Strong and elastic filter that contains the ceramics inside the sponge.
  • Made in Korea – Quality Proven

Packaging:  Individually packed in a box. Box size: 9cm (W) x 3cm (D) x 14cm (H)

Proven Quality and Performance:  


  • The Dr. CLEAN Eco-Sponge is Made in Korea.
  • The Dr. CLEAN Eco-Sponge is completely tested by reputable and recognized testing organizations in Korea. It obtains certifications and test reports such as CE, ISO, KTI, SPK, Intertek.
  • The Dr. CLEAN Eco-Sponge is protected by an invention patent and design trademarkThe Dr. CLEAN Eco-Sponge is a versatile scientific product, designed to improve Natural Health / Wellness. It is also a Chemincal Free, and Eco-Friendly product.


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