Dust Filter for Eco-Faucet (4-piece-Pack) 濾水器雜質過濾器

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環保濾水器 Eco-Faucet 的雜質過濾器

  • 雜質過濾器: 將自來水中的雜質(如:重金屬、鐵等)過濾。
  • 一般四人家庭的用水量, 約三至四個月更换一次。或可待至過濾器呈現褐色才更換。
  • 這產品為環保濾水器(MRC)的诮耗部件/定期更換部件。

包裝方式: 每套有4個雜質過濾器,每套大小: 9cm x 14cm x 1.5cm

LOTUS  Micro CLEANER Dust Filter
 : Dust Filter for Eco-Faucet

  • Dust Filter - This Filter eliminates floating substances (such as rust, metals, sands etc.) from the water.
  • Based on the usage of a 4-member family, this Dust Filter should be replaced every 3 - 4 months.  At the end of the filter's life, the filter will turn into Brown color (i.e., color of the metals substances from the water).
  • This is a Consumable / Replaceable part of the Eco-Faucet (MRC).

Product Size :  each piece approx. 3.5cm (dia) x 0.8cm (H)

Packaging:  4 pieces of Dust Filters are conatined in a package (i.e., 4-piece-Pack). Package size : 9cm (W) x 14cm (D) x 1.5cm (H)