All-Purpose Eco-Cleaner 環保多用途清潔液

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LOTUS All-Purpose Eco Cleaner 環保多用途清潔液套裝


多用途淸潔液 - 有效清除污垢,油漬,不損害器皿及殘留痕跡。

適用於 -  廚房枱面,不銹鋼家俱,各頹家俬等等。


  • 椰子衍生的活性劑
  • 香味
  • 色素

氣味 - 綠茶氣味

濃縮補充液 - 濃縮補充液為膠樽盛載,當使用完後,使用者只需購買補充液即可。

使用者需知 :   完美套裝包括一個環保塑膠樽(連噴射器)及一支濃縮補充液:

1. 先將環保塑膠樽注滿水
2. 再放入濃縮補充液
3. 扭緊噴射器至釋出濃縮液,將樽蓋蓋好後輕輕搖動,即可使用
4. 此為環保產品,用後不須再以清水清洗
5. 當清潔液使用完後,只須購買濃縮補充液替換即可,樽身可循環使用

9cm (長) x 11cm(濶) x 26.5cm(高)  / 容量 : 700ml

包裝方式: 每套環保清潔液獨立包裝,包裝箱尺寸 12cm(長) x 12cm(濶) x 28cm(高) ,內有:

  • 一個可循環使用的塑膠環保樽(內附噴射器一個)
  • 一支濃縮補充液 


LOTUS All-Purpose Eco-Cleaner Starter-Kit 

This high performance cleaner cuts through grease and grime and leaves a streak-free finish with no residue.

Surface:  Countertops, stainless steel, appliances, fixtures, furniture and any other surface not normally harmed by water.


  • Coconut derived surfactant
  • sodium gluconate
  • baking soda
  • potassium hydrate
  • fragrance
  • colouring
  • preservative
  • water

Green Tea

Refill Cartridge:
The Refill Cartridge is a plastic housing which contains the concentrated eco-cleaning solution. The user will only need to re-purchase and replace the Refill Cartridge. The plastic Eco bottle is reusable.

User's Guide :
  The Starter Kit consists of a Eco bottle (with sprayer) and a concentrated Refill cartridge. The user may install the refill cartridge as follows:

  1. Add tap water to reusable Eco bottle
  2. Insert Refill cartridge
  3. Twist on sprayer to release concentrate. Shake gently and start cleaning !
  4. As this is an Eco-Friendly product, one will not need to wipe the cleaning surface with additional water.
  5. Once the whole bottle is finished, one can simply repurchase and replace the Refill cartridge. 

Product Size :
9cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 26.5cm (H) / Capacity : 700mL

Packaging:  Individually packed in a box with approx. size of 12cm (L) x 12cm (W) x 28cm (H). The Starter Kit includes the following:

  • 1 piece of reusable Eco bottle (with sprayer). Empty bottle.
  • 1 piece of concentrated Refill cartridge.

Proven Quality and Performance:   

  • High performance cleaning : All Eco Cleaner solutions performance guaranteed and third-party tested.
  • Safe, non-toxic solutions : All ingredients compliant with DfE program (EPA's Designed for the Environment program).
  • Award winning package design that reduces plastic waste by 80%.
  • Consumer savings of up to 25% compared with traditional household cleaners.

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