Kyuemon Ceramic Tea Filter 多孔陶瓷過濾杯

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Kyuemon Ceramic Tea Filter 多孔陶瓷過濾杯


產品名稱:Kyuemon 多孔陶瓷過濾杯





1. 多孔陶瓷過濾杯一個,直徑10.7cm, 高度5.7cm

2.白瓷滴漏杯一個, 高7.3cm,直徑12.5cm(連同把手)

產品特色 :

1. 日本製造 : 日本高級有田燒陶瓷製造,配以尖端多孔陶瓷技術,創新環保設計

2. 飲用安全過濾杯通過日本化驗機構的安全測試,證實過濾後的水質不含任何有害化學物質、鉛及鎘,適宜飲用。

3. 環保省紙:不需用即棄濾紙,只需倒入熱水及咖啡粉/茶葉至多孔過濾杯,咖啡/茶便自動滴漏至白瓷杯;多孔過濾杯可不斷循環使用

4. 抽出、過濾二合一:過濾杯滿佈微細氣孔,將咖啡粉及熱水注入過濾杯內,能有效地將咖啡燜煮及過濾出幼滑口感。

5. 淨化水質:滿佈陶杯的微細氣孔,像網一樣,除了可過濾茶葉碎及咖啡渣外,更可去除水喉水中的雜質,淨化水質。

6. 提升口感陶瓷燒製過程中產生的遠紅外線效果能令飲料的口感倍添順滑。

7. 用途廣泛:用在日本酒、茶類等飲品上,同樣能過濾液體的雜質,令飲品入口幼滑。也可用於料理(例如洗米)

品牌介紹:KYUEMON 日本製造,KYUEMON是日本著名有田燒陶瓷品牌,創辦人久保田稔利用嶄新多孔技術,為有田燒注入環保概念,並憑著開發多孔陶瓷技術應用的創意,榮獲「日本科學廳長官賞」。產品包括傳統有田燒工藝品,及環境陶瓷產品。樂濤LOTUSKYUEMON香港的特許網上銷售中心,請即登入 參觀選購。 

Kyuemon Ceramic Tea Filter

A porous ceramic product full of fine pores for filtering out small particles in water, tea or coffee.  Made in Japan.

Brand  :  KYUEMON

Manufacturer  :  Kubota Minoru Ceramics Ltd.

Place of Origin  : Arita, Japan  

Product Included :

1. Porous Ceramic Filter x 1 pc   5.7cm (Height) x  10.7cm (Width)  

2. Dripper x 1 pc   7.3cm (Height) x 12.5cm (Width)

Product Features :

1. Designed and Made in Japan : Filter made from Arita high quality porous ceramic, efficient in coffee filtering and brewing.

2. Safety for drinking : Water used by the filter passed the safety test done by regional laboratory, with no harmful chemicals, lead and cadmium found. Safe for drinking.

3. Reusable. An alternative to disposable filter papers. Won't alter the taste.

4. Efficient Filtering :  The net-like high densityof the porous ceramic filter can  filter impurities in tap water, crushed tea leaves and coffee powder.

5. Enhancement of beverage flavour : Liquid can taste rounded and softer after revitalization due to the far-infrared effect occurred in ceramics. 

6. Multi-functional  : Applicable to coffee, tea , drinking water , japanese sake and water for rice cooking etc.  

 About the Brand : KYUEMON 

Designed and Made in Japan. An Arita porcelain brand. A forerunner of incorporating eco-friendly concept into Arita porcelain products. With the belief of ‘Ceramic is not only an object of art but also a potential ECO-friendly product’, its founder Minoru Kubota was dedicated to exploring porous ceramic technology and rewarded by the Science and Technology Office of the Japanese Government in 1996 for his innovative applications of porous ceramic applications to ECO field. Products range from traditional Arita tablewares to self-watering planter and porous ceramic filter. LOTUS, an authorized partner, is proud to introduce the products online through

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