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Jacques Farel LogoJacques Farel 兒童環保手錶

As parents and adults, we want to see all children develop natural curiosity and creativity , we want to inspire them with a life-long love of learning and the confidence to fulfill their dreams and potential, as well as care for the environment they grow up in.

Such inspiration has driven Swiss watch designers and husband and wife team Jacques and Michele Froidevaux, back in 1984, to launch their own brand of watches Jacques Farel. Their dream was to create beautiful ECO friendly children’s watches designed with their favorite themes in mind, using environmentally friendly materials, allowing them to learn the time but also to learn to care for the world they play in.

Today Jacques Farel is an internationally known company that has never lost its family spirit. The fascination and passion with making time for kids has been passed on to the managing siblings Elliot and Joanne.

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