Icewine, Niagara, Ontario, Canada

The grapes for Icewine are picked in winter at temperatures of at least -8˚C so that only the highly concentrated juice is pressed from the frozen berries, leaving behind the icy water crystals. The result of these unique climatic conditions is a deliciously sweet wine with exceptional high concentration of sugars, acids and extracts from the grapes with intense flavours and aromas. Canada is now the largest and best producer of Icewine. Please note that all Icewine / Wine products cannot be returned once delivered.

冰酒的葡萄在冬季至少攝氏-8度的溫度下採摘,這樣只有高濃度的果汁才能從冰凍的葡葡中壓出來,留下冰冷的水晶。 這些獨特的氣候條件便生產出一種美味的甜酒,具有高濃度的葡萄甜味的冰酒。加拿大現在是冰酒最大和最優質的生產國。請留意,所有冰酒及紅酒白酒貨品都不能退换