Green Beaver Fragrance Free Natural Deodorant Stick 天然無香味止汗劑

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Green Beaver Unscented Natural Deodorant 天然無香味止汗劑


主要成份 :

  • 不含鋁物質
  • 由天然柑橘酵素及笞蘚植物精華提煉而成,適合於多運動型人仕,有效去除異味
  • 內含甘菊和蘆薈成分,有助舒緩因敏感、受損或灼傷的皮膚使用

產品特點  :

  • 不會留有白色殘餘物於皮膚表面
  • 不呈糊狀,緊貼皮膚。
  • 另有天然無香味可供選擇。
  • 純天然植物精華,不含致敏硬果及麩質,並能生物所能分解。


品牌介紹Green Beaver
由加拿大製造,Green Beaver 是一間加拿大知名品牌公司,專門生產有機的個人及幼兒童用品,不含化學物質,不損兒童幼嫩皮膚。產品包括兒童有機洗髮水、護髮素,沐浴露、泡泡浴露、洗手液⋯到成人及兒童防曬乳液等等。樂濤LOTUSmart 作為–家專營環保、有機和天然健康產品的網店,提供一系列的 Green Beaver 產品,給客戶網上選購。

Green Beaver Unscented Natural Deodorant 天然無香味止汗劑

Key ingredients :

  • Aluminum free
  • Unique anti-odour complex composed of natural citrus enzymes and lichen provides extra protection for active people
  • Soothing chamomile and aloe will help to soothe sensitive, damaged or burning skin resulting from shaving

Product specification:

  • Goes on clear
  • Will not leave any white residue
  • An unscented deodorant is also available
  • Biodegradable, vegan, gluten free, nut free
  • UPC code 834639000236

Size : 50g

About the Brand: Green Beaver
Made in Canada, Green Beaver is a leading Canadian brand that produces truly certified organic personal care products that is harmless to ourselves and our kids. Products range from Shampoo for Kids, Conditioner for Kids, Junior Body Wash, Hand Wash, Bubble Bath … to Sunscreen and Body Lotions for Adults and Kids with SPF 15, 27 and 30.LOTUSmart specializes in eco-friendly, organic, and natural goods, and the featured products of Green Beaver are now available at our online store.