GabaNite, 60ml (All Natural Drink Relaxer), Pack of 12 Bottles - 甜美睡, 60ML (全天然助眠飲品), 12支裝

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GabaNite, 60ml (All Natural Drink Relaxer), Pack of 12 Bottles - 甜美睡, 60ML (全天然助眠飲品), 12支裝


Function: Specifically formulated to relax from stress and get a peaceful night’s sleep. With specific cognitive enhancer’s, the customer can feel refreshed without grogginess in the morning

Effective for: Those stressed & work under high pressure, Those difficult to set their biological clock, or Those influenced by sleep disorder in general

Mechanism of Action: Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) and melatonin are naturally produced in the body and are responsible for relaxation and sleep. GABAnite provides the additional GABA and melatonin (along with other important ingredients) needed for individuals to relax and be calm during times of stress which affects sleep. Better sleep leads to better work performance, social interaction and better life.

Uniqueness: Only GABAnite uses a patented nanotechnology to encapsulate the active ingredient GABA. This unique delivery system is what makes GABAnite work effectively compared to GABA alone and other products. Other ingredients work to enhance cognition and make you feel refreshed when you wake up. No other relaxing product can do what Gabanite can do.

Product Highlight:

  • All Natural Nighttime Drink Relaxer
    (All ingredients are natural & plant derived, helping people to enjoy a good sleep at night)
  • No Calories
    (with NO Sugar, sweetened with Stevia, and also safe for Diabetics)
  • Fast Acting
    (It works effectively in 30-60 minutes, with the patented nanotechnology to encapsulate the active ingredients, it helps consumer to relieve problem of sleep debt in short period of time)
  • May Be Used Regularly
    (All ingredients are natural & safe, as an alternative choice to consumer rather than sleeping pills)

GabaNite is All Natural made from Plant Sources:

  • GABA: GRAS by the US FDA, binds to the receptors that cause sedation and relaxation
  • Melatonin: Naturally produced substance in the body that maintains circadian rhythm
  • Bacopa: Helps maintain brain function during sleep
  • 5-HTP: Produces serotonin which helps maintain brain function during sleep
  • Alpha GPC: Helps maintain brain function during sleep
  • L-Theanine: Increases endogenous GABA
  • Vitamin B12: Help improve cognitive function

How to use: Drink the Whole bottle 30 minutes before you go to bed, or half bottle to achieve moderate effect.

GabaNite 甜美睡, 60ML (全天然助眠飲品), 12支裝

功效︰特別配方有助於壓力中放鬆,令你能於日間或晚間熟睡,得到充足休息, 使用者於第二天清早醒來時, 感覺舒服清新, 精神飽滿, 絕對不會出現搖搖晃晃、酒醉後的感覺 (亦有助減退因睡眠不足而形成的黑眼圈)

適用於︰壓力大 , 經常或間歇難眠 ; 輪班工作, 公幹時差, 難以調節生理時鐘等人士

作用機制: γ-氨基丁酸(GABA)和褪黑激素都是身體可自行製造,負責放鬆及調節睡眠的物質。在生活壓力大而影響睡眠的時候,GABAnite可提供人體額外所需的GABA和褪黑激素,配合其他重要成分,能幫助心境平靜及放鬆心情。良好睡眠有助提升工作表現、改善社交及生活質素。



  • 全天然晚間助眠飲品 (所有成份均為全天然植物提煉,有助晚間放鬆熟睡)
  • 零熱量 (無糖,以甜菊(天然代糖)增加甜味,糖尿病患者亦可放心使用)
  • 迅速見效 (飲用後30-60分鐘見效,採用獨有的專利納米技術把主要成分GABA裝入膠囊,幫助長期失眠者得到充足休息)
  • 可供定期或經常使用 (所有成份全天然及安全,絶無副作用及不會成癮,除了安眠藥以外,可予失眠人士多一個選擇)



  • γ-氨基丁酸(GABA: 通過美國FDA的“GRAS”(大眾健康食品安全)認证,與受體結合發揮鎮靜和放鬆功效
  • 褪黑素 (Melatonin): 機體分泌的天然安眠物質,調節人體生物鐘
  • 假馬齒莧 (Bacopa): 保持睡眠時的腦功能
  • 5-羥色氨酸 (5-HTP): 產生血清素,維持睡眠時的腦功能
  • 甘磷酸膽鹼 (Alpha GPC): 保持睡眠時的腦功能
  • L-茶氨酸 (L-Theanine): 增加內源性 GABA的分泌
  • 維生素B12 (Vitamin B12): 提升認知功能


使用方法︰睡前半小時飲用一整瓶, 若較溫和效果可飲用半瓶