FreeForm Board with Complete Body Workout DVD - 萬向平衡滑板

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FreeForm Board with Complete Body Workout DVD - 萬向平衡滑板

freeFORM Board is a great addition to any training method and best for individual uses. It works with fitness training, pre and post recovery training and pilates.

From simple, linear, isolation exercises to whole body integrated functional training, the freeFORM Board delivers better results in less time and in a novel and joyable manner.

Existing freeFORM users often describe freeFORM as the most popular piece of equipment in their gym. freeFORM exercises are easy to progress and regress and the applications are so diverse that clients can have a new experience every day. freeFORM is most notably a great tool for 360° core conditioning and also offers equally effective upper and lower limb exercises that challenge the body in a whole new way.

Dimensions - w 340mm x h 80mm x d 340mm. Weight 5kg.

Package include: FreeFORM Board, Foam Knee Pad, Complete Body Workout DVD

FreeForm Board with Complete Body Workout DVD - 萬向平衡滑板

freeFORM Board除了可以加強不同的訓練方法,獨立使用更是出色。分別應用在體能表現訓練、康復前/後訓練及普拉提訓練中

由簡單,線條性,獨立練習到全身綜合的功能性訓練,freeFORM Board能在更短的時間內以新穎和愉快的方式提供更好的訓練結果。

現有的freeFORM Board用家經常將freeFORM描述為健身房中最受歡迎的設備。 freeFORM Board的訓練很容易設計的,具體層次可進可退,應用非常多樣化,用家每天都可以獲得新的體驗。 freeFORM是360°核心訓練的最佳工具,同時提供同樣有效的上肢和下肢運動,以全新的方式挑戰身體的活動幅度。

尺寸 - 寬340mm x高80mm×深340mm。 重量5公斤。

套裝包括: freeFORM Board, 墊,訓練DVD。


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