Eco-ShowerHead 環保花灑頭

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: 這花灑頭添加維他命C粒子,殺菌,過濾雜質,滋潤肌膚,慳水達60-65%

  • 含維他命C添加器﹕添加維他命C粒子,中和自來水中的氯水,滋潤肌膚 
  • 含除菌過濾器: 將水中細菌清除,具抗菌功能 
  • 含雜質過濾器: 將自來水中的雜質(如:重金屬、鐵等)過濾 
  • 微細花灑孔道: 水經過微細孔道射出, 達至60-65%的慳水量, 產生的微細水珠更有效的滲透和滋潤肌膚 
  • 韓國製造 - 品質保証
  • 產品技術說明: LOTUS-Eco-Shower-Head  (由於檔案大,下載可能須時,敬請留意)

包裝方式: 每個環保花灑頭獨立包裝。包裝盒大小
: 23.5cm x 6.5cm x 8.5cm。


  • 環保花灑頭一個: 含維他命C添加器, 雜質過濾器, 除菌(陶瓷珠)過濾器 
  • 另外含一個額外/備用的雜質過濾器

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  • 維他命C添加器(IRA-VC): 一般四人家庭的用水量, 約三個月更换一次。或可待至添加器有顯注退色至透明色(水色)才更換。 
  • 雜質過濾器(IRA-DF): 一般四人家庭的用水量, 約三至四個月更换一次。或可待至過濾器呈現褐色才更換。



LOTUS  i-RA Eco-Shower Head: Vitamin-C, Antibiotic, Heavy Metal Filtering, and 60-65% Water Saving

Main Features: This Eco-Shower Head adds Vitamin C, has Antibiotic effects, Filters heavy metals, Moiturizes the skin and Saves water

  • Vitamin C Filter - Moisturize the Skin
  • Antibiotic (Ceramic) Filter
  • Dust Filter
  • 60 - 65% Water Saving
  • Made in Korea - Quality Proven
  • Product Technical Details: LOTUS-Eco-Shower-Head (due to a large file size, it may take a couple minutes to download)

  The following items are packed in a box. Box size: 26.5cm (W) x 15.5cm (D) x 6.8cm (H)

  • 1 piece of Shower Head, including Vitamin C Filter, Antibiotic Filter, Dust Filter;
  • 1 extra piece of spare Dust Filter

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Healthy / Wellness Principles of i-RA Eco-Shower Head:
This i-RA Eco-Shower Head operates the same way as normal shower head with additional Healthy and Eco-friendly elements as follows: 

  • Vitamin C Filter: This Filter adds Vitamin C into the water, neutralizes the Chlorine from the water and helps to moisturize your skin.
  • Antibiotic (Ceramic) Filter: This Filter makes use of a uniquie type of natural Ceramic Balls and releases Far Infrared Rays. It removes odor / smell and kills bacteria from the water.
  • Dust Filter: This Filter eliminates floating substances (such as rust, metals, sands etc) from the water.
  • Micro-Stream Plate (Shower Plate with Micro holes): The Micro Stream Plate offers the following effects:
    • Lenard Effect : This Micro-stream plate generates Anions when water molecule interact with Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.
    • Skin Massage effect : With the "Micro" fine water stream, your skin is being massaged.
    • Moiturising Effects : The shower head moisturizes the skin while water molecule penetrates into the skin.

Proven Quality and Performance:

  • The i-RA Eco-Shower Head is Made in Korea, and is scientifically designed to offer a healthy shower to the users.
  • The i-RA Eco-Shower Head is completely tested by reputable and recognized testing organizations in Korea. It obtains certifications and test reports such as CE, ISO, KTI, SPK, Intertek
  • The i-RA Eco-Shower Head is protected by an invention patent and design trademark
  • The i-RA Eco-Shower Head is a versatile scientific product, designed to improve Natural Health / Wellness. It is also a Chemincal Free, and Eco-Friendly product.

Consumable / Replaceable Components:

  • Vitamin C Filter (IRA-VC): Based on the usage of a 4-member family, this Vitamin C Filter should be replaced every 3 months.  This Vitamin C filter will have a Brown / Yellow color when it is used. As the Vitamin C is being consumed, the color will change gradually and will turn into the water color (i.e., transparent or white) when it used up completely.
  • Dust Filter (IRA-DF): Based on the usage of a 4-member family, the Dust Filter should be replaced every 3-4 months. At the end of the filter's life, the filter will turn into Brown color (i.e. color of the metals substances in the water).










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