Druide Organic Pur & Pure Deodorant (65ml) 加拿大有機防敏無味止汗劑 65毫升

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Druide Organic Pur & Pure Deodorant (65ml) 加拿大有機防敏無味止汗劑 65毫升
The absolute gentleness of the cream and concentrated herbal actives ensure respect for the delicate skin and odor control for 24 hours. No fragrance or essential oil, no smell, embodying the smooth and efficient Indispensable for people whose skin is sensitive or reactive.

DRUIDE deodorants are guaranteed not to contain: aluminum, triclosan, parabens (accumulates in breast cells, potentially carcinogenic). alcohol*: irritating, drying. propylene glycol: petroleum derivative. Usual anti-bacterial ingredients commonly found in deodorants.

Aluminum; carcinogenic, mutagenic, probably linked to Alzheimer's disease.

Triclosan; classified as a pesticide, sterilizing agent and potentially carcinogenic.

Paraben: potentially carcinogenic, toxic.

The sweat mechanism: the sweat accumulates bacteria which produce a pungent anaerobic toxin. Solution: Either stop sweat by blocking pores with aluminum (anti-sweat), or kill bacteria naturally with powerful plant extracts, without interrupting natural bodily processes.

Choose DRUIDE: inhibition of bacteria proliferation with natural certified organic (EcoCert) essential oils, to protect your body and maintain a holistic balance. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients: cedar, almond, citrus, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis), licorice, willow. Approved by the Environmental Health Association of Quebec (EHAQ) 100% recyclable packaging and contents.

INGREDIENTS : Vegetable, certified organic and natural approved by Ecocert.