Druide Organic Citrus Zest Deodorant (65ml) 加拿大有機柑橘活力止汗劑 65毫升

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Druide Organic Citrus Zest Deodorant (65ml) 加拿大有機柑橘活力止汗劑 65毫升
Quick efficacy, smooth and all day then ... confirmed by the testimony of many users. 

Delicate scent of citrus zest. Citrus are known for their anti-odor action. Citrus species: fresh energy.
Roll-on practice, no waste.

The ingredients are natural and certified organic by Ecocert certified finished product *. No wheat. Containing 100% recyclable. Made in Montreal, Canada 
echanism sweat: that is it which leaves the bacteria proliferate at certain points of the body and they produce a very fragrant toxin under the action of heat and moisture. 
Solution: either sweat is cut by blocking (anti-perspirants) pores with aluminum or killing the bacteria naturally simply through the composition of some plants without harming the natural features of the body. 
Unwanted bacteria are simply neutralized without harming the delicate balance of body biochemistry.

Passions DRUIDE: inhibit the growth of bacteria by essential oils and a cocktail of selected plants to neutralize odor bacteria while maintaining holistic balance.

DRUIDE deodorants are effective and guaranteed. 
No: Aluminium or triclosan, parabens * 
Alcohol = irritating, drying 
Without Propylene glycol = petroleum derivatives 
Antimicrobial the industry usually used: Aluminum; carcinogenic, mutagenic.

Ingredients: Base vegetable milk, pure and organic essential oils (lemon, orange, t tree oil)

Very probable link with Alzheimer Triclosan; classified as pesticides, carcinogenic and sterilant 
parabens; potentially carcinogenic, toxic. 
Approved by the Association for Environmental Health of Quebec (ASEQ) http://www.aeha-quebec.ca

Roll-on practice, without waste and 100% recyclable.

The active plants could leave a slight stain on some fragile fabrics. Some users may experience mild irritation due to the repeated use of the same essential oils. It is then recommended to use deodorant Pur & Pure for suspending the same operation for a longperiod of time. The alternate use of different species is also recommended to prevent repeated contact. As for food, the alternation is recommended so it is ideal to change the species alternating with each of the 8 deodorants DRUIDE approach.