Contrex High Ca & Mq, Natural Mineral Water, 500ml/bottle, 96 bottles 天然高鈣高鎂礦泉水, 500毫升/支, 96支

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Contrex High Ca & Mq, Natural Mineral Water, 500ml/bottle - 天然高鈣高鎂礦泉水, 500毫升/支

Contrex is a French brand of Natural mineral water with high Calcium and High Magnesium. Every bottle comes from France.

Why Contrex?
1. Replenish your body with needed minerals... particularly during diet-without calories
2. Detox & hydrate your body
3. Help you feel beautiful and attractive from inside out. People drink Contrex for fitness and weight control. Expected mothers and breast feeding mothers also drink Contrex mineral water to supplement their Calcium and Magnesium needs. 

Q & A an Facts about Contrex:

Can calcium help you absorb less fat?
In a study conducted in Denmark it has been observed that the more calcium you include in your diet the less body fat you will have and the less you will weight.

Can this really be true? Isn’t cheese the enemy of every conscientious dieter? Perhaps not.
We took the Truth about Food team to Denmark to meet the scientists behind the study to see if it really worked.
According to the science, compared to a low-calcium intake a high calcium intake increases the excretion of fat in the faeces. This means the more dairy calcium you include in your diet the less fat will be absorbed by the digestive system.

Conclusion : a high calcium intake increases the excretion of fat in the faeces 

Breastfeeding and Calcium
Breastfeeding mothers should be especially aware of their need for calcium. While a woman is pregnant, her growing baby needs calcium for its skeletal growth. Women who do not take in enough calcium are at high risk for deficiency; a gestating baby will draw the calcium it needs from its mother’s bones if it does not receive enough from the mother’s nutritional intake. However, during pregnancy, women’s bodies produce a great deal of estrogen, a hormone that protects bones. In addition, pregnant women absorb calcium more easily than those who are not pregnant. In general, even those women who lose bone mass during pregnancy typically recover it within several months of their babies’ deliveries. Those who breastfeed, though, are still at risk of calcium deficiency and bone mass loss.

During the period in which a woman breastfeeds, she can lose from 3 to 5 percent of her bone mass. This is due to the demands placed on the body by the production of milk as well as a decrease in the body’s production of estrogen. The recommended daily intake of calcium for pregnant and breastfeeding women is 1,000mg, the same as that for adults who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. However, the amount of calcium each breastfeeding mother needs is based on the amount of milk she produces and the length of time she breastfeeds. Drinking Contrex while pregnant or breastfeeding provides a simple solution to your calcium needs, at a time when you should be particularly conscientious about your health.

Contrex 法國一個天然高鈣高鎂的礦泉水品牌,每一瓶 Contrex 都是產自法國。

有關 Contrex 天然礦泉水的資料: 





結論: 增加鈣質的攝取能增加脂肪在糞便中排出。



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