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由美國製造,California Baby (加洲寶寶) 是美國一間知名品牌公司,是專為嬰幼兒提供一系列天然有機護理清潔產品,金盞花有效舒緩乾燥、紅疹、發炎等,成份純天然,不添加香料香精,產品包括洗髮沐浴露、防濕疹滋潤乳、尿疹抗敏膏、防感冒泡泡浴、防曬及防蚊用品等樂濤LOTUSmart 作為–家專營環保、有機和天然健康產品的網店,提供一系列的 California Baby 產品,給客戶網上選購。

California Baby® (USA) works with leading raw material suppliers in USA to create and pioneer safe, new and improved green ingredients. True to the company's sustainability-focused roots, they steer clear of Diethanolamine (DEA), sulfates, dyes, numbing agents, and ingredients that can trigger allergies in young ones or chemically sensitive adults, including synthetic fragrances, dairy, soy, peanuts and gluten. The featured products of California Baby are now available at Hong Kong.