California Baby Everyday Lotion, Calendula 6.5 fl oz (192 ml) 加洲寶寶防濕疹金盞花護膚乳液

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California Baby Everyday Lotion, Calendula 6.5 fl oz (192 ml)  加洲寶寶防濕疹金盞花護膚乳液

適合: 初生或以上

用途: 舒緩乾燥、紅疹、發炎等症狀! 可用於臉或身上

味道: 金盞花

加州寶寶最受歡迎之選!金盞花被稱為大自然界上人類皮膚急救的植物,再配上天然有機成分的護膚乳液及乳霜,能用在 臉,身體及問題皮膚上,舒緩乾燥、紅疹、發炎等症狀同時提供營養。含豐富植物精華,在高品質的冷榨植物油中注入維他命E、蘆薈和迷迭香精華,能提供了深層 的水份保濕,質地舒服,不含油脂,非常吸收。

California Baby Everyday Lotion, Calendula 6.5 fl oz (192 ml)  加洲寶寶防濕疹金盞花護膚乳液

Age : Newborn and older

For Use : Face and body

Scent : Calendula

Product Description : California Baby’s Calendula™ Lotion works to soothe and hydrate skin naturally! Calendula (kal’ len’ dula) is commonly known as the Pot Marigold flower, and has been used for centuries to nourish sensitive skin. This lotion is infused with rosemary extract, featuring antioxidant properties, and vitamin B5 that are blended into high quality, cold pressed vegetable oils (meaning no solvents were used for their extraction) that are non-greasy and absorb quickly. Scented with our calming blend of essential oils that include French lavender promoting calmness and relaxation, this lotion is lightweight, and leaves skin with a long-lasting satiny finish. California Baby’s Calendula™ Everyday Lotion is gentle enough for everyday use and is recommended for those with sensitive or irritated skin. Keep skin soft and hydrated by making Calendula™ Everyday Lotion a part of your shower or bath routine!  

A Mommy-Tip from Jessica, Developer of California Baby® : After bath, give baby a soothing massage to help calm & relax.  Start by rubbing lotion between palms vigorously to warm; massage by using gentle circular strokes.

For Grownups :  Great facial moisturizer for those with normal to oily skin or with acne.  

Benefits and Features :   

  • Allergy tested  
  • No gluten, soy, oat or dairy   
  • No synthetic fragrances   
  • Contains certified organic and sustainably grown ingredients   
  • Vegan. No animal ingredients; not tested on animals   
  • Made in a solar powered, state-of-the art, eco-friendly FDA registered and organic certified manufacturing facility 
  • Our aromatherapy essential oils are tested for purity  
  • California Baby products are free from peanuts and tree nuts such as walnuts, cashews, almonds and pecans. We utilize coconut derived ingredients, which are not typically restricted by those with nut allergies.    
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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