Briochin Savon Noir Multipurpose Cleaner (750ml) 亞麻籽油黑皂萬用清潔劑

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Briochin Savon Noir Multipurpose Cleaner (750ml) 亞麻籽油黑皂萬用清潔劑 

Linseed oil soap is a natural cleaner with plant-based ingredients made in keeping with the noblest soap-making traditions. The concentrated soap is ideal for cleaning, nourishing, protecting and bringing a shine to all types of floors. You can clean and remove grease throughout your house with the ready-to-use version. It is also available with a mint or natural lemon fragrance to add an extra fresh touch to your interior. Ecocert approved.
To clean your floors, dilute one capful of liquid linseed oil soap per 1 34 pints of water.
For small areas of the house (worktop, bathroom, etc.), use the concentrated linseed oil soap on a sponge or spray the ready-to-use linseed oil soap directly on the surface to be cleaned.


As it is highly concentrated, avoid using too much. Do not use it pure on light materials (aluminium, zinc, brass, etc.) and on porous floors.
It will rid you of the sticky substance greenfly and mealy bugs leave on plants: pour 1 to 4 capfuls of concentrated linseed oil soap (or 3 to 6 tablespoons of use linseed oil soap) into 1-3/4 pints of water and then spray the mixture onto the leaves. 

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Briochin Cleaning Booklet / 清潔用品宣傳册

Briochin 亞麻籽油黑皂萬用清潔劑 

亞麻油成分配製而成的黑皂, 是一種全天然的清潔劑, 它完全根據最純粹的傳統工藝製作而成。黑皂液體清潔劑是清潔、養護、保 護和抛光各類地面的理想選擇。而即用型黑皂清潔劑可用於住宅全部表面的清潔和去污。同時提供含天然葉綠素型產品。

清洗地面時, 每升水中加入一瓶蓋黑皂液體清潔劑即可。清潔住
宅內小面積表面時(廚房檯面、 浴室), 可將黑皂液體清潔劑原液倒在海綿上, 或直接將即用型黑皂清潔劑倒在待清潔表面。

由於其濃度高(黑皂含量在15% 至30%之間), 無需過量使用。使用時, 請佩戴手套。請不要用於輕質金屬(鉛、鋅、黃銅......) 表面和多孔地面。
本品可清除植物上昆蟲(蚜蟲、介殼蟲) 留下的痕跡。為此, 請在1升水中加入1 至 4 瓶蓋劑量的黑皂液體清潔劑 (或3至6湯勺用型黑皂清潔劑), 然後將此溶液噴灑到植物葉片上。

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