Bill Natural Sources

Bill Natural Sources LogoBill Natural Sources 加拿大康加美天然保健品

Bill Natural Sources is developed by one of the leading manufacturers of health supplements and skincare products in Canada. Since its debut in the Canadian market over twenty years ago, the brand has now been popularized in international destinations for its guarantee on premium ingredients in all their products. Its name says it all: Better Immunity – Longer Life.

康加美由加拿大本地領先的保健品和護膚品生產廠家開發的著名品牌。從二十多年前在加拿大市場上首次亮相以來,該品牌憑借著最高質的原材料和最優良的產品品質, 在世界各地享有盛名。 該品牌代表:更好的免疫 – 更長的壽命.