BILL Natural Sources Natural Wild Blueberry Chewable (for Kids), 7000mg, 90's tablets - 康加美兒童野生藍莓護眼咀嚼片

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BILL Natural Sources Natural Wild Blueberry Chewable (for Kids), 7000mg, 90's tablets  -  康加美兒童野生藍莓護眼咀嚼片 

• Provides antioxidants to support healthy eye function
• Help support circulatory health to enhance blood flow to the eyes
• Delicious grape flavoured chewable tablets
• Blueberries are extracted into a high ratio 36:1 by the newest and safest method called "Envirosimplex", which is better than the "freeze dry" process
• Helps the body combat free radicals by providing antioxidants
• Help support healthy eye function

Blueberries are full of nutrients that improve the health on a cellular level. They contain more antioxidants (mainly anthocyanin and pterostilbene) than any other fresh fruit or vegetable. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals introduced into body by exposure to the environment; pterostilbene is also a unique compound that maintains healthy blood lipid and glucose levels. Blueberries have huge benefits on visual acuity and memory. Also, blueberries are rich in vitamin C, which promotes a healthy immune system and manganese, which plays an important role in bone development. Bill Natural Sources® Natural Wild Blueberry Chewable is made from wild blueberry, which contains higher anthocyanin levels than other varieties. Taking the product regularly will benefit on many aspects of your health.

BILL Natural Sources 康加美兒童野生藍莓護眼咀嚼片

• 改善夜間視力
• 幫助清除自由基
• 美味可口葡萄味
• 改善視力,對增強夜間視力尤其明顯
• 有助於關注保持健康的血脂和血糖水平人士
• 增強記憶力
• 富含抗氧化物
• 提高免疫系統,幫助維持健康的骨骼 

藍莓含有豐富的營養成份,對改善人體健康有極大益處。其中抗氧化物(主要為花青素和紫檀芪)的含量超過其他任何一種水果或蔬菜。自由基是在人體活動過程中產生的,是引起多種疾病的有害物質。藍莓中的抗氧化物可以清除這些自由基。紫檀芪還能調節血脂和血糖濃度,使它們保持在健康水平。藍莓對保持良好的視力具有重要作用, 還可以幫助預防黃斑變性和記憶力衰退。另外,藍莓含有豐富的維生素C和錳,能夠改善免疫系統,促進骨骼發育。康加美護眼咀嚼片採用野生藍莓為原料,花青素含量尤其高,時時刻刻保護您的健康。