BILL Natural Sources KidneyBuild, 400mg, 120 caps - 康加美腎樂素400毫克膠囊

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BILL Natural Sources KidneyBuild, 400mg, 120 caps  -  康加美腎樂素400毫克膠囊 

• Replenishes endocrine energy
• Reinforces function of the kidneys
• Helps increase muscle endurance
• Effectively increases energy production (qi, or kidney-yang) to improve libido, tonify internal organs and remove coldness in the extremities
• Strengthens muscles and bones and augments endurance
• Eases seminal discharge & improves hormonal secretions
• Relieves syndromes resulting from the insufficiency of kidney-yang 
• Fortifies functions of the spleen and removes dampness from the kidneys
• Helps to expel dampness reducing urinary complications

Bill Natural Sources® KidneyBuild™ combines natural extracts derived from plants to help the body replenish endocrinal energy and to reinforce the functions of the kidneys. The ingredients in this formulation are blended together to invigorate the kidneys, reinforce qi, and alleviate symptoms such as impotence, seminal emission and weakness of the limbs. Panax ginseng is also added to this formula to help enhance physical performance so sexual experience may be improved. This product is suitable for men and women and help for prevention of inflammation of the urinary tract, and as a specialized support for healthy kidneys.

BILL Natural Sources 康加美腎樂素400毫克膠囊120粒 

• 提升泌尿系統的排毒功能,使排毒和廢物排泄更加順暢。
• 補氣養血, 健腎調肝
• 增強精力, 提升性能力
• 男女皆宜
• 顯著提升腎臟排泄的功效, 提供潔淨血液,補充身體發育及運動所需之能量和營養。 
• 增強肌肉及骨骼活動能力, 減輕或消除肌肉緊張。 
• 有效提高荷爾蒙分泌, 增強性欲和持久力。 
• 增強腎功能, 消除因腎臟虛弱而引起的氣血不足, 腰酸背痛, 耳鳴耳聾, 四肢酸軟, 手足不溫, 健忘失眠,婦女血虛,月經不調等。
• 祛除濕氣, 增強脾臟功能。

腎臟的主要功能是將身體内的毒素由血液轉到腎, 通過腎臟過濾後尿液排出體外,確保了人體各器官之正常功能。腎臟也是重要的内分泌器官, 直接參與體内機能的調節。腎臟也能產生一種刺激紅血球生長的荷爾蒙,促進骨髓生長,有效防止貧血。從中醫的角度,腎臟虧損包括性器官功能和腎神經系統。常言的“補腎”,就是恢復生殖器官的功能,增強性神經的活動能力,以促進新陳代謝,使腎臟功能正常。腎臟是“五臟”(心、肝、脾、肺、腎)之根,是先天之本。康加美腎樂素以各種珍貴草藥成份為原料,適合長期調養, 為腎臟提供最全面的保護。