BILL Natural Sources Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM, 120 tablets - 康加美健骨康片劑

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BILL Natural Sources Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM, 120 tablets  -  康加美健骨康片劑 

• Extra strength formula 
• Maintains healthy joints
• Helps with cartilage repair and joint lubrication
• Extra strength joint maintenance
• Helps replenish depleted cartilage
• Helps repair damaged and inflamed tissue
• Strengthen cartilage 
• Aid in formation of connective tissue and synovial fluid

A 100% natural and effective formula for those who put a lot of stress on their joints and/or want more joint flexibility (i.e. sales, athletes, obese, elderly). Bill Natural Sources® Glucosamine+Chondroitin+MSM Extra Strength formula for joint maintenance helps to replenish depleted cartilage due to injuries, and wear and tear by supporting repair of soft tissue. The three essential joint ingredients work together to strengthen cartilage, aid connective tissue and synovial fluid formation, to ensure the maximum mobility so you can enjoy the activities and lifestyle that you deserve.

BILL Natural Sources 康加美健骨康片劑

• 強效舒緩關節疼痛。
• 補充耗盡的軟骨。
• 幫助修復受損和發炎組織。
• 加強軟骨。
• 幫助關節滑液和結締組織形成。  

康加美健骨康片劑採用100%純天然有效配方,對那些患有關節疼痛和退化,關節長期受壓或需要較多柔軟度人仕(如銷售員,運動員,肥胖和老年人)效果尤佳。強效配方或有效舒緩對由傷患,勞損而引起的軟組織發炎或磨損。 本產品主要是由萄葡糖氨 + 硫酸軟骨素 + 二甲基碸等三個必要之獨特配方配製而成, 它們共同維持並加強軟骨和關節健康,也有助於結締組織形成及增強軟骨和幫助滑液供應, 減少磨損, 從而減輕疼痛幫助血液流通,使你可享受應有的活動。