BILL Natural Sources Fish Oil for Kids, Orange Favour, 500mg, 240 softgels - 康加美兒童香橙味魚油軟膠囊

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BILL Natural Sources Fish Oil for Kids, Orange Favour, 500mg, 240 softgels  -  康加美兒童香橙味魚油軟膠囊 

• Provides a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, DHA & EPA
• Supports healthy development for children
• Benefits hyperactive children by improving concentration and learning ability
• Supports memory and immune functions

Bill Natural Sources® Fish Oil for Kids is specially designed for children and adolescents who may turn their nose at regular fish oil. Now with a fruity orange flavour, parents can get their kids to take this yummy softgel daily! Fish oil is rich in marine Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), which are crucial for children’s growth and development. These essential nutrients may help improve concentration and learning ability for hyperactive children. Fortified with refreshing orange flavour and without the fishy aroma of regular fish oil capsules, this is the best way for children to supplement their Omega-3s.

Bill Natural Sources® Omega 3 Fish Oil for Kids is produced with no preservatives, colour, flavor, sugar, wheat, yeast, or milk products. Each softgel contains a balanced ratio of EPA and DHA and is made with the high standards maintained by Bill Natural Sources®. Our practices ensure you can enjoy the instant benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil today!

BILL Natural Sources 康加美兒童香橙味魚油 240粒軟膠囊 

• 提供豐富的ω-3脂肪酸。
• 促進童的大腦,眼睛和神經系統的健康發育。
• 改善多動症童學習能力和提高注意力。
• 幫助改善記憶和提高免疫功能。

康加美兒童香橙味魚油膠囊是為童和青少年生長發育提供的專門配方。它含豐富的ω- 3脂肪酸--二十碳五烯酸(EPA)和十二碳六烯酸(DHA),為人體提供必需脂肪酸,是童的大腦,眼睛和神經系統生長發育所必需的。這些重要的營養素有助于提高童的注意力和學習能力。特別是添加孩子們所喜愛的天然桔子口味,既美味可口,又無腥味,是童補充日常必需的ω- 3脂肪酸的最佳方式。