Bambo Nature Training Pants, Size-6, Extra Large, 18 Kg+, 18 ct./Pack (Pack of 5) - 丹麥嬰兒訓練褲, 6號, XL碼 18 Kg+, 18片/包, (5 包裝)

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Bambo Nature Training Pants, Size-6, Extra Large, 18 Kg+, 18 ct./Pack - 丹麥嬰兒訓練褲, 6號, XL碼 18 Kg+ (18片/包) 

在 Bambo Nature 上的北歐白天鵝生態標籤,是確認了我們在環保上作出的努力。 


而在我們的包裝上另一個標籤,FSC 森林認證則說明我們產品內所使用的木漿棉全部是來自可持續森林。在這裡,種植的樹木必須比使用的多。 

同時,我們的產品亦通過了不同的獨立權威機構的測試,以確保 Bambo Nature 的紙尿片並不會導致皮膚敏感或刺激。 

為了配合孩子的如廁訓練,Bambo Nature 訓練褲的設計讓他們可以輕鬆的拉上及拉下。另外,如有需要,訓練褲也可以由旁邊打開。 

Bambo Nature 訓練褲的優點 

  • 這款環保的紙尿褲絕對是孩子學習如廁的好幫手
  • 不含氯氣,熒光劑及護膚液
  • 訓練褲內的木漿棉全部取材自由可持續森林
  • 不含乳膠的腰圍及腳圍
  • 沒有進行氯氣漂白
  • 透氣的背墊讓孩子的皮膚可以好像呼吸一樣,避免皮膚敏感。


產品名稱:BAMBO Nature 嬰兒訓練褲 



每包片數 : 18片 


   Bambo Nature Swan Certification     Bambo Nature Derma Certification     Bambo Nature FSC Certification       Bambo Nature BRC Certification

Bambo Nature Daipers Features  環保紙尿片 @ LOTUSmart


Bambo Nature Training Pants, Size-6, Extra Large, 18 Kg+, 18 ct./Pack

Bambo Nature Training Pants is a diaper for children from 18+ kg.

Training Pants are ideal for potty training, as the pants are easy for your child to pull up and down.

The products are made from quality materials and represent the new generation of environmentally friendly diapers.

The diaper is very soft due to our textile-like back and top sheet, and it feels extra soft to the child’s skin.


  • The training pants can be removed like normal pants or be torn up in the sides.
  • Perfect body fit. The diaper has flexible sides as well as a flexible back and top piece, which makes the diaper comfortable to wear and minimizes the risk of leakage.
  • Super absorbent and a top-dry system that ensures a fast absorption and dry surface.
  • Perfect body fit enhancing the child’s freedom of movement.
  • The material is soundless, skin-friendly, soft and provided with an effective odor system, which minimizes the risk of obnoxious smells. 

Product specification
Units per pack: 18 pcs
Fits: 18+ kg / 39+ lbs
Size code: 6 

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