Balisun Coconut Butter Ambrosia 180g 有機椰子醬

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Balisun Coconut Butter Ambrosia, 180g 有機椰子醬

Are you tired of your nut butter? Want a healthier alternative?

Bali Sun hasa new creamy coconut butter called Coconut Ambrosia. It’s great on toast, crackers, smoothies, curries – or even right off the spoon! It’s nutritiously packed with fibre, healthy fats (coconut oil), carbohydrates and protein. Receive all the benefits of the coconut in a delicious spread.
Before proceeding make sure the jar of CA has been at room temperature and is not cold. The warmer the jar is when starting the easier it will be to mix. Do not refrigerate Coconut Ambrosia.

1. Place the jar of CA in a large enough bowl to cover most of the jar with hot water. Note: Hot water, not lukewarm.
2. Add hot water to the bowl to cover most of jar and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
3. To know if the CA is soft enough insert a table knife into the middle of the jar and let it go down to the bottom of the jar. If it goes down easily to the bottom then it is soft enough for stirring. If it doesn’t go down to the bottom then it is still too hard and step 2 should be repeated for 10 to 15 mins or more.
4. Once it is soft enough, use an up and down movement with the knife to get any lumps out and then stir vigorously until CA becomes a creamy consistency.

The goal is to be sure that the oil on top mixes back in with the protein and fibre below. The mixture will stay creamy and won’t separate as long as you keep it at a consistent room temperature.You can add a little Bali’Sun Virgin Coconut Oil at any time if you would like a creamier texture.

Keep in mind that Coconut Ambrosia is a whole food and not a cooking oil. It can be added to many types of dishes from a simple bowl of oatmeal, to a spread on your favourite bread. It also works particularly well in curries, sauces, dressings, muffin mixes, puddings, smoothies/energy drinks or wherever you want whole creamed coconut to add denser nutrition to what you’re preparing.