Bali Sun Virgin Coconut Oil, 473ml 有機初榨冷壓椰子油

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Bali Sun Virgin Coconut Oil, 473ml 有機初榨冷壓椰子油

Bali’Sun VCO is a light bodied oil, easy to digest, excellent mouth feel, no aftertaste and a higher content of beneficial volatile compounds. Many of our customers in Canada the US, Europe and Asia claim it to be their top VCO. It has a buttery, silky smooth texture with a light viscosity and pleasant but subtle coconut fragrance. It has been found to be one of the best single cosmetic ingredients. Because of its lighter viscosity, it penetrates better into the skin, is not greasy and after a few moments of rubbing it into the skin, it’s absorbed quickly and leaves only a slight trace of protective film. It protects skin from sunburn while encouraging a better, more even tan. When used after sun exposure it helps repair damage and gives the skin a glowing sheen.

2 reasons Bali Sun Coconut Oil stands above the rest
1. Quality of the raw material
Bali Sun only uses mature coconuts so that nutrients are at its optimum in the nut. This also allows the oils to be more easily digested by the body.
2. Extraction process
Includes several different steps which allow the oil to retain more of the fat soluble nutrients present in fresh coconut meat. This also allows for higher smoke point and more uses in cooking. The most recent analysis for Bali Sun VCO is 242° C.

Bali Sun Virgin Coconut Oil is the closest to fresh coconut in terms of nutrition content and taste and guaranteed to be:
- Organic
- Raw
- Unrefined
- Ultra Cold Pressed
- Enhance Chilled
- Non Deodorized
- Non Bleached
- Non hydrogenated
- Superior nutritional benefits
Benefits of VCO
• rich source of rich in lauric, capric and caprylic acid (MCFAs)
• stimulates metabolism
• antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial
• good source of energy
• cholesterol free