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Backjoy 是美國一間知名品牌公司,其設計獨特的健康座墊,有效改善坐姿,防止脊骨向內彎曲,減少腰痛背痛及盆骨受壓,糾正不良坐姿,令你坐得更舒適。產品包括美姿墊、美姿墊迷你型及舒緩墊三款。樂濤LOTUSmart 作為–家專營環保、有機和天然健康產品的網店,提供一系列的Backjoy 產品,給客戶網上選購。

Backjoy's (USA) mission is to change the way the world sits, stands and sleeps. Leveraging what experts (and moms) across the globe have known for years – that better posture prevents back pain – the company creates and distributes innovative solutions that enhance posture to relieve and prevent back pain in ways that produce positive, life-changing results so our consumers can get back to the joy of living. The featured products Backjoy Posture+, Backjoy Posture+ Mini, Backjoy Relief are now available at LOTUSmart Hong Kong Asia.