Acuback - 脊部穴位按摩器

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Acuback - 脊部穴位按摩器


  1. 脊部穴位按摩器特別的外型設計有效地按摩和放鬆背、頸、腿、手這虐部位的肌肉拉緊。
  2. 座椅固定帶及繫帶袋可以使你能夠穩妥地與座位繫緊,繼而進行按摩,且能容易裝上及移去。
  3. 容易閱讀的說明書,使你能更正確地使用該產品
  4. 葛倫博士的七大- 葛倫博士組合了不同且大量的科學研究來怎樣能最有效舒緩你身體上的痛楚,有部分研究絕對會使你震驚:迫在眉捷的, 你是否知道若你長期坐立使用電腦會引起結腸癌?




We bring you the newest edition to the Acuball family from world renowned posture expert Dr Cohen. Improve posture effortlessly.   Boost productivity. Relieve back, neck, shoulder and headache pain 100% naturally.

  1. The  patented  design keeps you sitting upright and effectively releases back, neck, leg, thigh and hand tension making you feel better 100% naturally.Acuback's HEATABLE
  2. Chair holding strap and carrying bag allowing you to keep your Acuback suspended on your chair for easy use and take it anywhere you need it (movie, train, friend's house, etc.).
  3. Easy use instructions to get you feeling better right away.
  4. Heating tag
  5. Dr. Cohen's 7 Essentials of Healthy Computing - Dr. Cohen has summarized the latest scientific research on what computers do to your body and given you THE PRECISE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW in an easy to read format. Some of the findings leading researches have discovered will shock you: for instance, did you know that colon cancer rates increase when you sit for extended periods of time using a computer?

Dr. Cohen's simple solutions to common computer issues are effective, simple to implement and don't cost a cent! He's done the work for you, making the 7 Essentials of Healthy Computing a must for anyone that uses a computer. Includes a special bonus link to easy FREE ONLINE STRETCH PROGRAMS specifically designed by Dr. Cohen for computer users. These will decrease your pain, improve performance and help revitalize you throughout your day making a big difference in the way you feel and work. 


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